A welcoming and exclusive venue to make your meetings something really special, immersed in the evocative energy of nature. Our reception staff will be at your full disposal to make every event unique and unforgettable.


For organizing meetings, conventions and workshops there is a large, multi-function room with a screen and video projector. It seats up to 50 people and has Wi-Fi.


Whether you’re looking for management or sales training, team building activities or incentive trips, Oasi Zegna and Albergo Bucaneve provide the perfect solution. Thanks to the expertise of our partners, we can deliver fully personalized indoor and outdoor training courses on the main management themes, including soft, organization and selling skills.


Expedition Experience

Objective: prepare and carry out an alpine ascent of one of the peaks in Oasi Zegna.


  • Setting up base camp
  • Planning the route to the summit
  • Sourcing food
  • Outdoor dinner
  • Summit climb

Orienteering Experience

Objective: having been accompanied blindfold to the Upper Val Sessera, return to base camp.


  • Make a map of the territory
  • Define a return route
  • Find your way using compass&map and landmarks/natural features

Survivor Experience

Objective: survive for 36 hours in Upper Val Sessera with NOTHING.


  • Making tools
  • Rendering water drinkable
  • Lighting a fire
  • Building a shelter for the night
  • Finding food

Eskimo Experience

Objective: design and build an igloo.


  • Design
  • Definition of objectives
  • Drawing up of project Gantt chart
  • Assignment of roles and tasks
  • Purchasing of building materials
  • Building of igloo

Snow Tracking Experience

Objective: find and follow animal tracks.


  • Searching for tracks in the snow
  • Making plaster casts
  • Recognition of animals
  • Making a map of the movements of the various species

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