With the original Vietti décor and a big open fire, the restaurant’s dining room has a warm atmosphere and old-fashioned allure, the main place in which to enjoy food cooked by our staff.

 His cuisine is driven by emotions, by delight in inventing something new everyday, inspired by the beauty and vast panoramic views from this Hotel. On one hand, Valsessera’s woods, pastures and alpine peaks.

 And on the other, the plains of the Po valley, with rice fields, vineyards and market gardens, and farther still the Ligurian Apennines, suggesting the sea beyond.
In short, a territory with a dual identity, an infinite source of a ideas for the chef. Images, sensations and associations he blends with raw materials and products in his culinary art creations.


A haunt for all hours of the day, from breakfast to cocktails. Open to non-guests as well. With a large sunny terrace looking out over the Po valley plains.


Every morning, a selection from “our own oven”: bread, croissants, cakes, home-baked with sourdough and rough-ground flours. Honey and jams from Oasi Zegna.


Fast service. Simple and energetic dishes cooked on demand. Perfect for a break, before or after sport. To get going with umpf or to recoup energy.


“Made to measure” menu for guests of the Wellness Center created by our chef in collaboration with a nutritionist. To reconcile the longing for something good with the requisites of wellbeing.


Their favorite dishes written on cards for them to play with. But also food cooked on demand, if parents request it a little in advance.


Teas, coffee, fruit juices, centrifuged juices, a sweet list and a savory list. To be enjoyed sitting on the terrace, with breath-taking views.


At the end of an outdoor day, a glass of your favorite wine to accompany tasty delights from our kitchen. The best way to share the serenity of sunset, a special moment made even more magical by the warmth of an open fire.

For those with allergies and intolerances
We believe in food as medicine and not the reverse. We’re committed to satisfying all your requests and needs. Please don’t hesitate to tell us about them.

For those travelling with Fido
We have special products for pets. Your pets eat special food? Talk to our kitchen about it!